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Shelter Devastated As No One Wants To Adopt Young Pitbull & Her Senior Chihuahua Friend Together

Animal lovers know that they are unwavering loyal, they give you endless love, care, and protection, since you have them in your home.

They are not just loyal to their humans; they also have loyalty to their friends. This story speaks about 2 dogs, an 8-year-old chihuahua called Taco, and a 3-year-old Pit Bull called Merrill. They formed and connected a strong bond while living at the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter, so they’re best friends.

One day, one man came to adopt Merrill, but she refuses to leave her best friend, so, the adoptive dad, who has a big heart, decided to adopt them together. How sweet! Watch the video below.

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Lioness Cries When Being Apart From Her Pride, After Three Days They Reunite Again

Three days of pain
Family is always the most essential part of everyone’s life; this thought not only applies to us human beings in fact same matter is being shared by the animals as well. These animals are always associated with their families and for them their family is their pride. Similar case is also observed here in this video of this lioness which was away from her pride for three days.

This poor creature has suffered with a lot of trauma and pain while she lost her family and on the other side the family also was very upset with not having their mother around. These three painful days were associated with growling, cries and hopelessness for the lioness and this made her much upset. Moreover, the family on the other hand which includes her cubs and husband was also very depressed and was on roads to search for the lady of the family.

Somehow, after chanting for three days lioness was completely hopeless and was not expecting to be back to her family. After laying to rest, out of nowhere she started to hear some sounds that belonged to her family and she followed them. Soon she came across the cubs and dad and after staring them for a while when she was sure about the presence of her family she ran towards them. What we then see is a series of happiness and life among the entire family which is cuddling and hugging each other after finding their lost family member.

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