Man Hears A Voice Start To Whisper After His Wife Left Her Phone On

A woman from Florida was saved after her husband overheard that she was being hijacked through the Bluetooth technology. An armed man stopped her car and asked her to get out of her car. The armed man said to Priscilla Cercone do what I say or I will kill you.


The 21-year-old Bernard Owens forced the woman to drive to ATM machines as she could pull some money for him.

The Bluetooth of Cercone was keeping her husband on the phone the whole time, and he called 911. When Cerone pulled the money, Owens was not happy by the amount, so he asked her to drive to her house. Where the police were already waiting him.

"When she gets to the residence, the car is still in drive, the police cars are there with him screaming in the back and (officers) placed him into custody,” Det. Christopher Doyle said. A handgun was recovered, as well as Cercone’s phone and $600 in cash.


"Always carry your phone. Always carry somebody on your ear (on your Bluetooth),” Cercone said through tears. "Wherever you go, tell them where you’re going, because sometimes you believe that nobody has to know what you do and nobody has to know where you’re going and doing or your decisions in life, but you always need somebody to know where you are.”

The armed man was arrested and faced some charges of armed kidnapping and robbery. And he was convicted in 2013 because of armed robbery.

The woman wasn’t injured, and Owens was put in jail without bond.

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