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Her Father Threatens And Beats Her And Her Dogs, So She Puts A Camera To Prove That

No one believed a teenager girl from Florida who admitted that she and her dog have been treated badly by her father as he is a powerful and rich local business man.



Having no option, the girl decided to record the evidence by putting hidden cameras to record the evidence of abuse. You can see in the below, that was taken by the cameras, that the dad is really danger toward the dogs and his girl. He repeatedly continues saying that he is the boss and he wants to take off the eyeballs of the dogs! He is also heard saying that he is going to use a knife to press the neck of the dog.



You can also see that the 14-year-old girl tries to protect her dogs by jumping on her father who pulls her by the hair in throws her to the wall. The police officers of Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office open an investigation to know the dad's name who is known as Damon Becnel.


Thankfully, the police have been able to arrest Damon on child and animal abuse charges but he quickly got out by paying $2,000 for each charge. Help this girl and her dogs to be away from this psycho man. Watch the video below.



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