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Fishermen Hears Strange Noise Coming From The Bushes, Found To Be Abandoned Pup

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Confused Dog Begs Police Officers To Follow Him, Ends Up Saving His Mom From Heart Attack

It was like any other job’s day for the cop Jeff Gonzalez, who is patrolling in a mostly peaceful place called Germantown, Wisconsin.

That day, when he was starting getting bored, he spotted a strange thing along County Line Road. It was not dangerous or explosive, it was just something odd. It was strange enough to take the cop’s attention to stop and take a closer look.

He found alone poor black dog alongside the street, darting and baking frantically, trying to get anyone’s attention. And that one was Gonzalez, who realized that the dog needed urgent assistance, so he stepped out of his vehicle.

That is when John Boy, the dog, started bouncing away from Gonzalez, as saying follow me! So, the cop followed the dog up to the front porch of a home. Gonzalez then realized that there was a real emergency case.

The dog’s parent was sitting in a chair, unresponsive and slumped over. The policeman believes that the John Boy’s owner had been in the chair for about an hour with very low temperatures.

Gonzalez said that he firstly thought that the woman was dead, but then he realized that she had a pulse and was breathing. He also added that he was aware that he needed for assistance, so he called his partner, who was close. So, they both got the woman in the house.

At the emergency room, the doctors discovered that the woman had a heart condition, but fortunately, she’d be fine.

Tianne Wendt, her daughter, said that her mom was too lucky, as she had 2 angels save her, Labrador Retriever and Gonzalez. Watch the video to have more information.

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