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Elderly Dog Goes By Himself Daily To See His Favorite Friend

A Golden Retriever called Cheddar lived a normal happy life with his beloved family who gave him the love and care he needed for about 8 years, but when one of his parents was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed!



What happened with his family left them unable to take care of him, so they put him up for adoption, and he directly got a new family. When he was taken to his new home, he found a great friend in the neighborhood, which was Jean, and elderly woman. They are now inseparable and best friends. Cheddar asks to see her daily, and he throws a fit when he can’t!



He has his own way to tell his owners that he wants to see his friend by grabbing his leash and starting walking. And he even insists on that! What a bond! Watch the video below.




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The man who found Cotton says that he started eating from his bowl of food instantly and it was clear that he hadn’t eaten anything for days. He then shared a post regarding Cotton, a name that came out of nowhere, he says. Then Weinberg reached him and took the cat to the vet immediately. It was because of Mange that he couldn’t open his eyes but huge support from Weinberg made him better with time.

Now Cotton is a happy and healthy cat and Weinberg is on a mission to find this loving cat a forever happy home. As soon as the Mange disease was cured, Cotton opened up his eyes to everyone’s surprise and it was at that moment that they knew Cotton was no ordinary cat. Now all that is left is a forever happy home for Cotton now that he is in a good shape. Let’s hope a family adopts him and give him all the love and attention he cares.

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