Dog somehow does NOT like a duck and gets away from her friendship offer

Friendliest creatures

We know that dogs are known to be the friendliest of creatures as they would get along with any specie and befriend them. They find new friends wherever they go but there is an exception to this rule and it can be seen here. There are a few dogs who just want to stay alone or with their owners. However, each dog is unique in his own way just like humans are unique in their own way.

Same personality as humans

It is worth noting that the dogs are just like us personality wise and each personality is so different and unique that finding two dogs having the exact same personality is almost impossible. There will always be the smallest differences between them that distinguish them. The difference could lie in the choice of food, the kind of games they like or anything that separates them.

Today's video will be showing a dog that is not interested in an adorable duck's friendship offer. He just doesn't like to make a lot of friends and he runs away in a funny way when a baby fuck offers him friendship.

Sweet little baby duck

The duck is so cute that one just wants to put her in lap and touch her soft fur. The puppy is also really special but he is not the most social kind. The funniest part is when the duck reaches the dog to befriend him but the dog runs away as if he is saying, "Go away duck, I'm bigger than you. After some time, when the consistent duck doesn't give up, the dog starts barking at her to scare her away and it works as the duck finally leaves sadly.

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