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Dog Who Has Been Abandoned Outside Of A Cemetery, Found With Crushed Foot

An abandoned dog was found outside a cemetery by a woman who directly called Hope For Paws to come to help it. The woman immediately knew that there was something wrong as the dog walked with a limp. But when Eldad Hagar arrived at the scene after about an hour and a half, he did not find the dog, as she was taken by the woman.

She was really friendly and just wanted to eat anything as she was also hungry. Eldad found the dog, who was named Sapphire, and took her to the hospital to examine her leg as there was no microchip for her.

The vets at the hospital found out that she’d need a surgery as her paws were badly broken. Thankfully, she was fostered by Foxy and the Hounds, and she will be available for adoption when she is completely healed. Watch the video below to have more information.

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