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Dog Keeps Crying After Family Sells His Cow Friend, And Runs Away To Meet Her

We are always surprised by animals’ ability to love. Though, many of us did not understand this. Rookie, a little lovely dog, is the perfect example of that.

Rookie lives in South Korea with an unusual friend, and many farm animals. Rookie was an orphan pup, and was taken care by his special friend, the cow, who became his real mom. Their owners were forced to sell the cow because of some economic conditions, which left the dog very sad! Rookie was completely sad and he refused to eat and make any friends. The surprise was that he went to search for the cow and thankfully found it! Watch the video to see their emotional reunion.

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Loyal Dog Fights Coyotes To Save His Owner, Whose Got Paralyzed After Car Accident!

A sixteen-year-old guy was out on a trip to the mountains for food-gathering when he has a car accident. Joseph Phillips-Garcia from Kanaka Bar in British Columbia was with his cousins and aunt who directly died in the crash while Sako, his dog, and him got thrown down a 330-ft embankment.



Joseph lost his consciousness as he suffered a collar bone and a broken femur. Sako was worried about his owner's bleeding wounds and refused to leave his side. He also tried to keep him warm with his body. Joseph was dragged by Sako over the next two days to feed him water from a stream.



Actually, there was a big threat as they were behind the predatory wildlife. Joseph's blood was smelled by some coyotes, that were able to track him down. His loyal companion kept fighting the dangerous coyotes without any fear to protect his owner.



Sako and Joseph were located after three days by a rescue team that directly took them to the hospital. The dog was treated as he was deeply bit from the coyotes, and his owner underwent many surgeries for his wounds and injuries.





Unfortunately, Joseph was paralyzed because of his injuries. On the other hand, Sako has been hailed as a hero and he received a shining medal for that. What a loyal hero! Watch the video below.



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