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City Finds A Brilliant Idea To Feed Starving Stray Dogs

The lack of medical care to succumb of diseases and injuries while many others because of starvation every day. Two great programs to care for more than 300,000 street dogs in the Mexican town of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez have recently emerged by the leadership of the town.



A response group that is led by citizens and the employees of City Hall called Respuesta Ciudadana initiated the programs.The 1st program, ComeDog, focusing on providing the homeless dog clean dog and adequate food. The volunteers of this program have installed fifteen PVC pipes all over the city to let dogs have the water and food they need. The volunteers will also make sure that the dispensers are refilled daily.




The 2nd program, AmbuDog, runs through the town to cater to the wounded and sick pooches, it is an urgent program. The worker of this program will be responsible for the neutering/spaying and vaccinations of the dogs. It is just the start of these programs that are already making a great change in the neglected and unwanted dogs' lives. Watch the video below to have more information.



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