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A Dog And Horse Are Reunited After Being Apart For 7 Months

A horse called Rita ran away last year from her home. However, she was caught by a farmer who protest to give her back after she was totally saved form any injuries.



Happily, after 7 months of battling at the court to bring their beloved Rita back, the horse's original family succeeded to return Rita to her home and she was very happy to reunite with Balu, her best dog friend. Actually, animals have feelings just like humans, and this video proves that perfectly. How adorable they are! Watch the video below to have more information.


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A 45-year-old woman from California called Kimberly Felder is accused of biting, choking, and beating her daughter in an attempt of exorcism, according to the police.

The police said that Felder reportedly stripped her daughter naked and put sand into her mouth and eyes before John Marciel, a witness stopped her.

Marciel said that Felder told him that she was just wanting to remove goblins from her 11-year-old daughter. Marciel directly called the police to tell them about what is happening on a shore in Ferndale, California. Marciel reported that there was a mother trying to do an exorcism on her little daughter.

It is reported that there were about 10-12 people on the beach and saw what Felder was doing to her daughter.

Fortunately, the police arrived in a short time, and they arrested Felder. She was arrested on many charges such as assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated mayhem, child abuse, and attempted homicide.

The police also took the girl, that was about to die, to the hospital. Greg Allen, Sheriff's Sgt., says that the girl will be put in protective custody.

Finally, the girl is now becoming good and approaching to have the full recovery.

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