Five Angels Recorded On Camera Flying And Spotted In Real Life!

We all believe that there are angels in this life they are found in various mythologies and religions. But, there is a clear evidence caught in a video above, which shows five angels. Let’s begin:

1. Angelic Superhuman
The Angelic superhuman, that is caught in the video, saves a man on a a motorbike from complete devastation by teleporting him some meters away in a moment, you have to watch the video to see this superhuman.

2. Man Saved By Angel 
This clip shows a man is saved from a big crush between a truck and a car, the man said that he believes that an angel saves him. Watch the video to see how this man was saved.

3. Angel In Mall

This footage shows an angel that is caught on security cam a a mall in Indonesia, the angel then leaves the place in an immediate way. Then the kids come running to the spot to see the angel. Watch the video and tell us your opinion.


4. Angel Of Mosque 

The footage shows an angel in a mosque in Azerbaijan that appeared between people. The clip was caught on a low-quality camera which is difficult to edit. Watch the video above and tell us your opinion.


5. Angel In Brazil

The footage above shows a rare and very strange creature flying was caught in Bia Vista, Brazil by a cameraman. You can see this rare creature in the video above. 

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