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2 Abused Puppies Who Were Dyed Pink By Owner Who Left Them To Die, Rescued And Got Adopted

These two cute puppies suffered and left to die by their owner. Their owner is a merciless person, and he is also savage. It is really shocking how some people lost their morals and let down their cute puppies. Fortunately, the dogs have been rescued when they were found ignored and abandoned in the woods.

It was found that the owner of the pups gained about $350 a day thanks to his pups. But when he felt he didn’t need them anymore, he dumped them like they were nothing. One of the rescuers said that there were wounds on the body of one of the pups, and they appear to be from an air gun bullets, and it was a miracle that he survived. It is said that one adult dog that were with these pups was shocked and ran away, and he doesn’t trust humans anymore.

The former owner of the pups is unknown and is thought to not be charged at all. When are these dog abuse cases going to end? What can we do to stop them? Are there more people like that devil person who did that to the puppies or what? The merciless photographer said that you can make a lot of money having colored puppies. And he even said animals are there for giving us pleasure. We eat some animals for example he said. We can’t imagine how cruel these people are. They are really bad. They should be punished by the law. Animal cruelty laws should be reinforced so that people will be forced to treat them right.

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