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10 Hilarious Pics, Show That Goldendoodles Are Totally Different From Other Dogs

One of the quietest dog breeds in life is the Goldendoodle. They are somehow different from any other dog, as they are never apologizing for their silly acts. The photos below show these dogs’ own way to live life!

‘’Relaxing like humans!’’

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‘’A Goldendoodle sitting like people!’’

‘’Transforming to brown bear in just 9 months!’’

‘’Watching and monitoring the street’s safety.’’

‘’Becoming a real giant in 6 months!’’

‘’Before one year… and now… Irwin became so BIG!’’

‘’Smiling after messing around!’’

‘’Playing on the swing thinking she is a kid!’’

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‘’Pretending Sleeping!’’

‘’Heading the park!’’

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After 14 Years, She Has to Abandon Her Old Dog, Two Hours Later, Unbelievable!

Cruel abandonment

This sad little dog is living at Humane Society and he is hopelessly hanging his head around because his owner abandoned him after 14 years they spent together. The reason of abandoning the dog is pretty bizarre as the significant other of the owner was allergic to dogs so he ended such a long relation in a cruel way.

It is a fact that the staff at shelters are used to seeing incidents like this where owners give their pets away but it was heartbreaking even for them. It is a strange environment at shelters as everyone is waiting to find a forever home where they can spend the rest of their lives. They posted a photo of Ox the stressed dog on Facebook to tell people about his situation. It enraged the people who learned that the owner had abandoned him after spending 14 years with him so emails, calls and visits overwhelmed the staff of the shelter. Then, something amazing happened that no one was expecting and it took everyone by surprise.

In less than two hours after posting his story online, the shelter announced that they had found a forever home for Ox and he will be spending the rest of his life there. His new owner’s name is Lee Ann and thanks to her, Ox will never be alone and Lee Ann tells that Ox is doing great with her and he has already settled down and gets along with the family really well. This is truly an inspirational story that will inspire many more adoptions around the country.

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